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What are the reasons you might need a receipt from Canada Post ? 

• For proof of purchase • To track a shipment • For insurance purposes • To claim a refund or exchange • For tax purposes • To reconcile expenses for business or personal use • To verify delivery of a package • For warranty purposes • For record-keeping purposes • To provide evidence of shipping costs for reimbursement • To return an item to a clothing, shoe, or other retail store for maximum resale value on secondary marketplaces or consignment shops

What products are made by Canada Post and where are they sold?

Products made by Canada Post:

  • Stamps
  • Envelopes
  • Postal boxes
  • Shipping supplies (such as bubble mailers and packing tape)
  • Money orders
  • Postal money orders
  • Postal stationery
  • Postage meters
  • Postal scales
  • Postal code directories
  • Postal code maps
  • Postal code data
  • Postal code lookup tools

These products can be purchased at various Canada Post locations, including:

  • Post offices
  • Online at Canada Post Shop
  • Authorized postal dealers and retailers
  • Selected retail partners (such as Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs)

What is the return policy without a receipt at Canada Post ?

Canada Post's return policy without a receipt allows customers to return eligible items within 15 days of the purchase date. Some important points to note include:

  • Customers must present a valid government-issued photo ID for all returns without a receipt.
  • The item must be in its original condition and packaging, with all tags and labels attached.
  • If the item was purchased using a credit or debit card, the refund will be issued to the same card.
  • If the item was purchased using cash, a refund will be issued in the form of a merchandise credit voucher.
  • Items that are not eligible for return without a receipt include personalized items, prepaid cards, and gift cards.
  • Canada Post reserves the right to refuse any return without a receipt if the item is not in its original condition or if the return policy has been abused.
  • If the item was purchased from a third-party seller, the return policy may vary and customers should contact the seller directly.

Customers can find more information about Canada Post's return policy on their website or by contacting their customer service team.

How can I get a duplicate receipt from Canada Post ?

How to Get a Duplicate Receipt from Canada Post

To obtain a duplicate receipt from Canada Post, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Canada Post website
  • Step 2: Click on the "Track" tab on the top navigation menu
  • Step 3: Enter your tracking number and click on "Track"
  • Step 4: Once your package information is displayed, click on "View receipt" on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Step 5: If you have an account with Canada Post, you can log in to access your receipt. If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking on "Sign up"
  • Step 6: Once you have logged in or signed up, your receipt will be displayed. You can print or save the receipt for your records.

If you are unable to access your receipt online, you can also request a duplicate receipt by contacting Canada Post customer service. Please have your tracking number and other relevant information ready when contacting customer service.

We hope this information helps you obtain a duplicate receipt from Canada Post. Thank you for choosing Canada Post for your shipping needs.

What elements are typically shown on a Canada Post receipt.

Canada Post Receipt

  • Date: [date]
  • Transaction Number: [transaction number]
  • Sender's Information:
    • Name: [sender's name]
    • Address: [sender's address]
    • Phone Number: [sender's phone number]
  • Recipient's Information:
    • Name: [recipient's name]
    • Address: [recipient's address]
    • Phone Number: [recipient's phone number]
  • Shipping Service: [shipping service used]
  • Package Details:
    • Weight: [package weight]
    • Dimensions: [package dimensions]
    • Tracking Number: [tracking number]
  • Shipping Cost: [shipping cost]
  • Additional Services:
    • Insurance: [insurance amount]
    • Signature Confirmation: [yes/no]
    • Delivery Confirmation: [yes/no]
  • Total Cost: [total cost of shipment]

Additional features of a Canada Post receipt may include:

  • Customs Declaration: if shipping internationally, the receipt may include a customs declaration form with information about the contents and value of the package.
  • Proof of Delivery: for some shipping services, the receipt may include a proof of delivery signature from the recipient.
  • Return Label: if the sender purchased a return label, it may be included as a separate document attached to the receipt.
  • Promotional Offers: Canada Post may include any current promotional offers or discounts on the receipt for future shipments.
  • Tracking Information: the receipt may include a link or instructions for tracking the package online.