HOTEL receipt template - NBO

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What are the reasons you might need a receipt from a HOTEL ? 

• To prove the purchase of goods or services from HOTEL

• To provide proof of payment for tax purposes

• To provide proof of payment for insurance claims

• To provide proof of payment for warranty claims

• To provide proof of payment for any other legal purposes 

How can I get a duplicate receipt from HOTEL - NBO?

If you need a duplicate receipt from a HOTEL, you can contact the hotel directly and request a copy. Most hotels will be able to provide a duplicate receipt if you provide them with your booking details.

What elements are typically shown on a HOTEL receipt.

A hotel receipt typically includes the following elements: - Hotel name - Date of stay - Room number - Room rate - Tax rate - Total cost - Payment method Additional interesting features of a hotel receipt may include: - Name of the guest - Hotel loyalty program information - Special discounts or offers - Breakdown of fees and taxes - Resort fees - Check-in/check-out times - Room amenities - Number of nights stayed