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Use this StockX receipt template In-App within our online receipt generator to create a custom receipt.

Create an authentic looking StockX In-App receipt using the receipt generator for PROS.

Essential Elements to Customize on a StockX Receipt 

The receipt generator for PROS can be utilized to craft an authentic-looking StockX In-App receipt. To customize the receipt, key elements such as Product Name, Size, Colorway, Condition, Price, Shipping, Authentication Fee, and Order Number can be edited with the aid of the ExpenseFast Receipt Generator tool.

Why create a StockX receipt?

Crafting a StockX receipt can be valuable for various reasons:

  • Evidence of authenticity, indicating that the shoes bought are not counterfeit.
  • Use receipt to make warranty claims if the shoes have defects or issues covered under warranty.
  • The original receipt can help establish the shoes' value and authenticity, leading to an increase in their resale price.
  • A StockX receipt can be used for tax purposes, especially if the shoe purchase is intended for business or tax deduction.


StockX Receipt Generator

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