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Finish Line, a popular retailer specializing in shoes, clothing, and sporting goods, provides customers with detailed receipts upon purchase. These receipts are an essential part of the purchase process, serving various purposes for the customer. Here’s a brief overview of a Finish Line receipt and its practical uses.

Purpose of a Finish Line Receipt

  • Returns and Exchanges: A receipt is required for processing any returns or exchanges within Finish Line's specified return period.
  • Proof of Purchase: For items with a manufacturer's warranty, the receipt serves as proof of purchase and purchase date verification.
  • Expense Tracking: Customers often keep receipts for personal financial tracking or for budgeting purposes.
  • Gift Verification: If the purchase is a gift, the receipt enables the recipient to make exchanges if necessary.

Contents of a Finish Line Receipt

  • Store Details: Location and contact information of the Finish Line store or website details if purchased online.
  • Transaction Summary: Date and time of the transaction, register number, and cashier identifier if applicable.
  • Itemized List: Each purchased item is listed with a description, size, quantity, unit price, and line total.
  • Total Amount: The subtotal, tax, discounts applied, and the final total amount paid.
  • Payment Method: Indicates how the purchase was made (cash, credit card, gift card, etc.).
  • Loyalty Program Information: If the customer is a member of Finish Line's Winner's Circle or STATUS loyalty program, the associated account number or points earned may be included.
  • Return Policy: Brief instructions and the time frame for returns or exchanges are usually printed at the bottom.

Finish Line's Business Operations

Finish Line operates numerous stores across the United States and also sells products online through its website, catering to a wide customer base of sports and footwear enthusiasts.

Obtaining a Duplicate Receipt

  • In-Store: If the purchase was made in a physical store, you could return to the same location with your ID and transaction details, and a staff member may be able to print a duplicate receipt.
  • Online Account: For online purchases, logging into your Finish Line account will allow you to view your order history and receipts, which can be printed or saved for your records.
  • Customer Service: Contact Finish Line customer service with your order details, and they may be able to provide you with a duplicate receipt.

Finish Line receipts are not just a record of transaction but a part of the customer service experience, allowing for easy returns, exchanges, and record-keeping for purchases made in-store and online.


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