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How to print receipt using Bluetooth thermal printer?

October 25, 2020 By staff

Do you want to print a receipt on real receipt paper? Do you need your receipt to look as realistic as possible? If you have a receipt image that you have created using ExpenseFAST receipt maker, you can print your receipt to real receipt paper using a thermal printer.

What are Thermal Receipt Printers?

Thermal printers are used to print nearly all receipts you receive from shops, restaurants and service companies. These printers use heat to change the paper color from white to black. Thermal printers utilize rolls of thermal paper and have a sharp serrated edge to cut the receipt from the roll.

Thermal receipt printers come in a variety of models. Some thermal printers are USB or wireless (wifi) while others are Bluetooth enabled. These Bluetooth models are often portable to allow for easy usage in the field. They are perfect for printing receipts at home because they easily connect to your mobile device (iPhone or Android) or your computer.

Printing to a Thermal Printer

To print to a Bluetooth Thermal Printer, you need to download the Express Thermal Print app. This app allows you to take any image or picture from your device and print it to your Bluetooth thermal printer with ease.

The Express Thermal Print app is FREE and available for both iOS and Android devices on their respective app stores. Once installed, this app gives you the option to print to either a 58mm or 80mm receipt printer.

Get the App!  Download From the Apple App Store  or the Google Play Store

You can also send images from any of your apps to the Express Thermal Print app. The app will appear in your additional options when you Share an image or interact with an image on other apps. This feature makes it very easy for you to print receipts from your phone.

To print a receipt to your Bluetooth mobile printer from ExpenseFAST, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download your receipt from ExpenseFAST in JPG or PNG format.
  2. Open the receipt image on your device and click “SEND IMAGE TO Express Thermal Print”
  3. The Express Thermal Print app will open and display the receipt image. Click the PRINT icon – a picture of a printer.

There are many options available for creating receipts on your device. Read our post on Best Receipt Maker Apps to learn more about the options available.

Printing receipts with Express Thermal Print

Download Express Thermal Print

There is more information regarding the Express Thermal Print app on ExpressExpense’s website. Learn more about Express Thermal Print

Download From the Apple App Store  or the Google Play Store

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