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What are the reasons you might need a receipt from Bass Pro Shop ? 

- Proof of purchase for returns or exchanges - Warranty and product registration purposes - Keeping track of expenses for budgeting or tax purposes - Proof of ownership for insurance claims - Tracking spending and budgeting for personal or business purposes - Documenting purchases for reimbursement from an employer or organization - Proof of purchase for potential rebates or rewards programs - Ensuring accurate pricing and avoiding overcharges - Gift receipts for easy returns or exchanges without revealing the original purchase price - Resale value for clothing, shoes, and other retail items on secondary marketplaces or consignment shops

What products are sold by Bass Pro Shop and where are their stores located?

  • Fishing gear and equipment
  • Hunting gear and equipment
  • Camping gear and equipment
  • Boating and marine equipment
  • Outdoor clothing and footwear
  • Home and cabin decor
  • Archery equipment
  • Shooting and firearms
  • Outdoor cooking and grilling equipment
  • Gifts and novelties

Bass Pro Shop products are sold in their retail stores, which are located in over 170 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They also sell their products online through their website.

What is the return policy without a receipt at Bass Pro Shop ?

Bass Pro Shop Return Policy without Receipt

  • Returns without a receipt will be accepted within 60 days of purchase.
  • The item must be in its original condition and packaging.
  • Valid photo identification is required for all returns without a receipt.
  • The refund will be issued in the form of store credit at the current selling price.
  • If the item was purchased using a credit or debit card, the refund will be applied to the same card.
  • If the item was purchased using cash, the refund will be given in the form of a Bass Pro Shop gift card.
  • Gift receipts are not accepted for returns without a receipt.
  • Items that are damaged, used, or not in their original packaging may not be eligible for return.
  • Firearms, ammunition, and gas-powered items cannot be returned without a receipt.
  • Special orders and personalized items may not be eligible for return without a receipt.

How can I get a duplicate receipt from Bass Pro Shop ?

How to Get a Duplicate Receipt from Bass Pro Shop

If you have lost or misplaced your receipt from Bass Pro Shop, don't worry! There are a few different ways you can obtain a duplicate receipt:

  • In-Store: The easiest and quickest way to get a duplicate receipt is to visit your local Bass Pro Shop store. Simply go to the customer service desk and explain your situation to a store associate. They will be able to look up your purchase in their system and print a duplicate receipt for you.
  • Online: If you made your purchase online, you can log into your Bass Pro Shop account and access your order history. From there, you can view and print a copy of your receipt.
  • Call Customer Service: If you are unable to visit a store or access your account online, you can call Bass Pro Shop's customer service line at 1-800-BASS-PRO (1-800-227-7776). A representative will be able to assist you in obtaining a duplicate receipt.
  • Email: Another option is to email customer service at [email protected] and request a duplicate receipt. Be sure to include your order number and any other relevant information to help them locate your purchase.
  • Receipt Lookup: If none of the above options work, you can request a receipt lookup by filling out a form on Bass Pro Shop's website. This may take a bit longer, but they will be able to locate your purchase and email you a duplicate receipt.

Note: Some stores may charge a small fee for providing a duplicate receipt. It's always best to call ahead and ask about their policy to avoid any surprises.

With these options, you should have no problem obtaining a duplicate receipt from Bass Pro Shop. Happy shopping!

What elements are typically shown on a Bass Pro Shop receipt.


Bass Pro Shop Receipt

  • Store name and logo
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Transaction number
  • Customer information (name, address, phone number)
  • Itemized list of purchased items
  • Price of each item
  • Subtotal
  • Tax amount
  • Total amount
  • Payment method
  • Signature line for customer
  • Return policy information
  • Special offers or promotions
  • Customer service contact information

Interesting features of a Bass Pro Shop receipt may include:

  • Images of outdoor and hunting scenes, reflecting the store's theme
  • Specialty items such as fishing licenses or hunting permits may be listed separately
  • Discounts or rewards earned through the store's loyalty program may be applied
  • Additional information about the purchased items, such as brand or model number, may be included
  • The receipt may double as a proof of purchase for warranty or product registration purposes


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