StockX receipt template

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Use this StockX receipt template within our online receipt generator to create a custom receipt.

Create an authentic looking StockX receipt using the receipt generator for PROS.

Essential Elements to Customize on a StockX Receipt 

Using the ExpenseFast Receipt Generator tool, edit the:

  • Product Name
  • Size
  • Colorway
  • Condition
  • Price
  • Shipping
  • Authentication Fee
  • Order Number

Why create a StockX receipt?

Proof of authenticity: The receipt serves as proof that the shoes you purchased are authentic and not counterfeit.

Warranty claims: If your shoes have any defects or issues covered under warranty, the receipt will be necessary to make a claim.

Resale value: If you decide to sell your shoes in the future, having the original receipt can help establish their value and authenticity, which can increase their resale price. 

Tax purposes: If you use your shoe purchase for business purposes or plan to deduct them from your taxes.

For the Thrill: You could also keep the receipt as a souvenir to remember the thrill of purchasing a new pair of shoes.

Feeling Artsy: Or you could use it as a bookmark or even frame it and display it on your wall as a piece of art. 

The possibilities are endless!


NEW: We Also offer another version called the StockX receipt template In-App



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