What are people making fake receipts for?

September 11, 2020 By staff

What are people using receipt makers for? We get this question all the time. It is for a variety of reasons that people find themselves using an online receipt maker perhaps they need a receipt for tax purposes. For instance let’s say you donated some items to a local charity and the charity is required you to show how much the items were worth in order to take them in. If you were donating something like a cask piece of furniture or piece of art you might want to show your receipt with a certain value in order to take the deduction on your taxes. Here is a perfect example of needing a receipt maker system in order to create a receipt for a practical purpose. in this scenario, you would find a receipt template that matches the original business that would have been where you purchased the item that you’re donating. So in the example of a piece of art, you would find a receipt template that looked like a art gallery style. Making sure that the art gallery template for your receipt is itemized and can be edited in order to add individual items. In this case a piece of art that is 20 in by 40 in in acrylic and is signed and dated by the artist would be a line item and perhaps the value on the receipt would be $5,000.

 Another reason why people utilize receipt makers is in order to be reimbursed by a client or company. Let’s say you decided to throw a company party for your team. You used your business credit card like you were supposed to in order to make be purchased at the grocery store for various party foods and supplies. However at some point between the purchase the party, which was a great party, and the next 14 days between the party and when your expense report was due oh, you lost the receipt. Now your boss is telling you you have to have a receipt for the $300 worth of party foods and supplies that your co-workers ate and drank. If you don’t produce a receipt then you will not be reimbursed and that company party will be the last one you ever host. It will also be the most expensive afternoon with your co-workers ever. So in order to avoid the situation and easy solution would be to use an online receipt maker like ExpenseFAST.   simple grab a receipt template for a grocery store ( there are many of these templates available)  and enter in all of the details of the purchase. This includes the business name, business address, business telephone number and more.  After entering in the receipt header information about the business, you should also enter the actual purchase information this includes item information, cost, quantity…etc.  Print the receipt and attach that newly generated receipt to your expense report. You now successfully submitted your expense report and an excellent party for your comrades.

 Let’s look at another situation you might find yourself in where you could use a receipt maker.   This is a common situation that is often the source of much frustration for consumers. You purchase a fancy widget ( maybe a electric bike or cell phone charger or Fitbit health tracker)  and the unit breaks down and fails within the first few weeks of ownership. You contact the customer service for the particular item and they say it is under warranty however you must produce a proof of purchase like a receipt in order for the items to be covered under warranty. Well shoot. now you are in a bind. How the heck do you own this new item at all and not have a receipt? Well the answer is simple people do not always keep the receipt for their purchases. It’s a simple fact of life. Whoever it is a also simple way for companies to prevent supporting people with their warranties. ExpenseFAST to the rescue!   now you can simply make a receipt that matches the purchase information that you require and provide this receipt to the manufacturer in order to get the items covered under warranty.   

okay let’s talk about some of the less Orthodox reasons for making receipts. Perhaps you are wanting to fool your friends and make them believe that you have a very very large bank account. This is easily accomplished by creating at an ATM receipt or a bank account  deposit receipt. Nothing like leaving $1000000 balance ATM receipt on the table to let your new roommates know you roll large.   on the flip side, you might also use the opposite approach for making someone believe you do not have any money. Perhaps your girlfriend keeps asking for expensive shoes or jewelry. Instead of scratching that itch and taking a another shopping spree, it is useful to show a bank account receipt that shows a zero or negative balance. Let your girlfriend know the shopping trips need to go on pause just for a little while until the cash begins to flow again in your bank account.

 One very common reason we see if people making receipts these days is boar eBay or other Marketplace transactions. Basically people are wanting to show that their goods are authentic and were purchased at full price. This makes the customer feel good about the purchase and also feel like they are getting a deal on something that may either not be us or was purchased on sale and is being resold for roughly the same sale price. Perhaps a Fendi sports bra needs to be sold but it was purchased using a 50% off sale. well that’s easy easy to fax with a receipt maker like ExpressExpense, ExpenseFAST or MakeReceipt.  You can grab a template for Saks Fifth Avenue and show that the item was purchased for full cost and then post the receipt as part of the eBay or other Marketplace listing. We see this all of the time with high end luxury handbags, apparel, watches, and other expensive transactions. That means you should be cautious when you are purchasing something online and not through a trust ID vendor like a major apartments or or specialty shop. There are plenty of people out there that are making a business out of creating a receipts that may or may not  accurately describe the way the items were acquired in the first place.