DoorDash receipt template

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Use this DoorDash receipt template within our online receipt generator to create a custom receipt.

DoorDash delivers a wide range of food items, from popular fast food chains to local restaurants. Additionally, DoorDash also delivers grocery items, convenience store items, and pet supplies in some regions.

Enter these items into the receipt generator: Name of restaurant or merchant, the order items and their prices, any applicable taxes and fees, the total cost of the order, the delivery fee, and the name of the driver, time of the order, the customer's name, the delivery address, and any special instructions or notes related to the order. 

Then save and download receipt in PDF or JPG format to your device.

Why create a DoorDash receipt?

Lost your Doordash receipt?  If you're using DoorDash for work or business purposes, you might need to create a DoorDash receipts to get reimbursed by your employer or for tax purposes.

Make it look like you spent more money on food than they actually did in order to get a bigger reimbursement from their employer.

Some people might even create fake receipts to make it look like they're eating healthier or following a certain diet, when in reality they're not.

And of course, there are always those who create fake receipts for more nefarious purposes, such as tax fraud or money laundering. So while there may be some legitimate reasons to create a fake receipt, there are certainly plenty of naughty ones as well.

Create a fake receipt to claim a refund for an order that they never made?


What can I do if I did not receive my order?



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