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The Purpose of E-receipts

October 16, 2021 By Staff Writer

You’re all familiar with paper receipts. With more and more of your purchases moving online, however, the necessity of printing the old-fashioned way seems to be slowly going away. So why not push things a step further and eliminate those pesky paper receipt slips from your life entirely? You’ve all been in a store and […]

Reimbursing Expenses with Receipts

October 5, 2021 By Staff Writer

Business expense reimbursements are not recognized as employee salaries. From the word reimbursement: These are expenses paid or incurred while the employee is delivering work for the company. Yes, it should be associated with the business or any other work-related activities.  The employee should provide proof or supporting documents that will match the declared expenses. […]

Efficient Marketing Plan Using Digital Receipts

August 13, 2021 By Staff Writer

Customers are increasingly taking advantage of the ability to receive receipts by email. According to research, 90 percent of consumers prefer digital receipts over paper receipts, and half of the consumers would intentionally buy from a shop that supplied digital receipts. Customers no longer have to worry about misplaced receipts, have less paper to deal […]

Benefits of E-receipts to the World

August 1, 2021 By Staff Writer

Paper receipts are easily ripped and misplaced. If you are running a business this can bring you problems in the future particularly during tax season. The discovery of electronic receipts makes receipt management systems simple. Taking pictures of paper receipts or scanning them every single day takes a lot of time and effort for assigned […]

How Do Online Receipts Work?

July 10, 2021 By Staff Writer

In doing business, receipts are one vital part of your business journey and you need to store them in a safe and secured place. Whether you are actively administering your business or you have assigned someone you trust or hired a professional and experienced employee, keeping receipts is a must. Even when you are traveling […]