How to print receipt using Bluetooth thermal printer?

October 25, 2020 By staff

Do you want to print a receipt on real receipt paper? Do you need your receipt to look as realistic as possible? If you have a receipt image that you have created using ExpenseFAST receipt maker, you can print your receipt to real receipt paper using a thermal printer. What are Thermal Receipt Printers? Thermal […]

Best Receipt Maker Apps

September 11, 2020 By staff

) ExpressExpense ( – iOS/Android/ Web -ExpressExpense is a receipt maker that lets you create receipts for any purpose: Replace a receipt that has disappeared long ago, create a receipt to impress your friends or make a receipt for goods/services that you sell. Our free online receipt maker creates professional-grade receipts based on the information […]

What are people making fake receipts for?

September 11, 2020 By staff

What are people using receipt makers for? We get this question all the time. It is for a variety of reasons that people find themselves using an online receipt maker perhaps they need a receipt for tax purposes. For instance let’s say you donated some items to a local charity and the charity is required […]

Do you need a fake Louis Vuitton receipt?

June 13, 2020 By staff

Update: April 4, 2022 – Maybe you are looking for a Louis Vuitton receipt that is in email format? Our partner,, has an editable email template for Louis Vuitton now available. There is also an excellent Louis Vuitton PDF template at PDF Pro. Using our Louis Vuitton receipt template, you can quickly reproduce a […]

Creating your First Receipt Template

March 3, 2020 By staff

Making a receipt template isn’t difficult. We’ve made our receipt designer tool with the intention of it being exceptionally easy to use for the task of making receipts. You’ve probably seen Excel Doc templates for receipts like this Excel Receipt Template or Word documents like this Word Receipt Template. But it is really difficult to […]